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Schools in Mexico

Santa Fe

Maple Bear Santa Fe is located near of the most important business hubs and corporate offices in
Mexico City as well as the exclusive residential areas of Cuajimalpa and Álvaro Obregón.


Maple Bear Chihuahua is located near a major residential areas of the city. It has been in operation for more than 7 years and currently offers Toddler, Kindergarten and Elementary programs.

Lomas Verdes

Maple Bear Lomas Verdes is located in the most important commercial area of the State of Mexico, between the municipalities of Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla and Atizapán and the municipalities of Azcapotzalco and Miguel Hidalgo.

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Global Locations

To enroll a student in a Maple Bear school or to learn more about a specific Maple Bear market, please visit one of the regional links below.

Maple Bear Headquarters
Maple Bear Headquarters
Schools: 1
Students: 15
Teachers: 3
Schools: 105
Teachers: 1800-2200
Students: 20,000
Established in: 2010
Schools: 9
Teachers: 80
Students: 352
Established in: 2009
Schools: 103
Teachers: 573
Students: 6288
Established in: 2005
Schools: 4
Teachers: 33
Students: 230
Established in: 2010
Schools: 4
Teachers: 46
Students: 163
Established in: 2009
Schools: 1
Teachers: 5
Students: 24
Established in: 2017
Schools: 24
Teachers: 200
Students: 1100
Established in: 2014
South Korea
Schools: 12
Teachers: 234
Students: 2753
Established in: 2006
Sri Lanka
Schools: 1
Teachers: 8
Students: 47
Established in: 2017
Schools: 2
Teachers: 16
Students: 70
Established in: 2016
United Arab Emirates
Schools: 1
Teachers: 15
Students: 45
Established in: 2014
United States of America
Schools: 1
Teachers: 20
Students: 81
Established in: 2015
Schools: 6
Teachers: 134
Students: 450
Established in: 2010
Opening in 2018
Opening in 2018
Opening in 2018
Opening in 2018
Opening in Fall 2019
Opening in 2020
Hong Kong
Opening in Fall 2019
Opening in Fall 2019
Opening in Summer 2019
Opening in Summer 2019