Maple Bear Santa Fe

Maple Bear Santa Fe provides an interactive, safe and caring learning environment for kindergarten and elementary students. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic education experience that encourages critical thinking, active participation and problem solving. We offer a full English immersion in the kindergarten years, providing the best possible start to a child’s learning journey. Our elementary curriculum is offered in both English and Spanish, with the best of Canadian methodology i key subjects like reading, mathematics and science.

  • Clean, secure facilities
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Low teacher: student ratio



Our early childhood program encourages children to learn through play, psychomotor activities, contact with nature, and experimentation. Our complete immersion program in the Kindergarten years also establishes a strong base in English for students.

Little Toddler (walking 1 year olds) 100% English Immersion
Toddler (2 year olds until Dec. 31st) 100% English Immersion
Nursery (3 year olds until Dec. 31st) 100% English Immersion
Junior Kindergarten (4 year olds until Dec. 31st) 100% English Immersion
Senior Kindergarten (5 year olds until Dec. 31st) 75% English Immersion, 25% Spanish


(6 years olds until Dec. 31st) – 50% English Immersion, 50% Spanish

After-School Program

As part of the integrated education program. Maple Bear Santa Fe offers an extended after-school program for Kindergarten and Primary students including meal service, Pre-Karate, dance / harmonic motion and other fun, educational activities.
Tel: 5016-1010
Tel: 2163-0688
Cda. Tejocote #21
Col. Contadero Del. Cuajimalpa
C.P. 05500 México D.F.
Cedros #1 Esq. Piñón
Col. San José de los Cedros
Del. Cuajimalpa
C.P. 05200 México D.F.


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