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With the opening of two new campuses in Gimpo-Hangang and Daegu-Dalseo, Maple Bear Korea - now 13 schools strong - is a force to be reckoned with.
The new school facilities are statements in themselves. According to Maple Bear Korea Director Crystal Han, parents are hooked by the spacious, well laid-out classrooms right away: “Most of the classrooms in Korea are only half the size of what we provide at Maple Bear and parents notice the difference very quickly."
The new campuses also boast ample recreational space, each with a large gym as well as rooftop open air space where children will have access to a playground and an outdoor garden to plant vegetables. 
Beyond the facilities, Mrs. Han attributes the growth of Maple Bear in Korea to the language immersion aspect as well as the quality of the curriculum and teacher training program.
For a country where English has become the unofficial second language, Maple Bear is an attractive option for the bilingual education it offers students. Korean parents, many of whom have been educated overseas, are quick to see the benefits of language immersion as well as Maple Bear’s world-class reputation in early childhood education.
"Maple Bear is the only global brand in Korea and the only organization which brings in specialists who have hands-on experience working in the field to train teachers,” notes Mrs. Han.
"Knowing that all curriculum is developed and provided by Canada and that the same Maple Bear program is being delivered all around the world to preschoolers provides a lot of credibility to what we do and how we do it. The training has become a vital necessity and differentiates us from our competitors.”  





Maple Bear Korea is growing!

March 28th, 2016

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